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Suma Revoflow

Perfect washing, time after time!

We are committed in providing our customers with the most advanced systems in the market. Suma Revoflow is the latest in Machine Ware Washing Systems with automated precision dosing, optimum safety and no risk of spillages. It has a compact off the floor design and less need for detailed staff training, resulting in a more efficient work place.


Products List

Suma Clean P5
Highly alkaline, chlorinated powder detergent for use with the Suma Revoflow system
  • Highly chlorinated powder detergent for effective stain removal
  • Innovative cap prevents spillage or accidental mixing
  • Outstanding results every time
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Suma Safe P9
Aluminium safe powder detergent for use as part of the Suma Revoflow system
  • Chlorinated powder detergent
  • Safe for use on aluminium
  • Kind to delicate decorated crockery
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Suma Clear A11
Highly concentrated univeral powder rinse aid for use as part of the Suma Revoflow system
  • Highly concentrated powder rinse aid
  • Excellent results every time
  • Streak free drying
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