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TASKI Contact Pads


Product Information

Contact floor pad for use with scrubber driers and rotary machines

  • Productive product, as it can be used on all structured, smooth and rough water-resistant surfaces
  • Active fibres in the pad loosen dirt, rather than by scrubbing, ensuring the floor is not damaged
  • Can be used just with water, thus reducing need for chemicals (although chemical is needed on certain high traffic areas and stubborn marks)
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Product Code Pack
  7505190   TASKI Contact Pad 10" 4pc
  7505200   TASKI Contact Pad 11" 4pc
  7516124   TASKI Contact Pad 13" 4pc
  7505210   TASKI Contact Pad 14" 4pc
  7505220   TASKI Contact Pad 17" 4pc