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A range of speciality items for spot cleaning.


Products List

TASKI WipeOut Sponge
Spot cleaning sponge
  • Excellent spot cleaning
  • Easy in use
  • No Chemicals needed
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TASKI WipeOut Hand Pad
Spot cleaning pad
  • Versatile, can be used on all hard washable surfaces, and ideal for stairs, walls, corners and high level cleaning
  • Can be used with TASKI Jumbo Pad Holder or TASKI JM 25cm frame for ease of use
  • Can be used with just water, although best results when used with TASKI Sprint Spitfire
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TASKI Jumbo Pad Holder with Grip
Holder for use with TASKI WipeOut Hand Pad
  • Grips on bottom help to hold hand pad in place
  • Lightweight holder with easy grip helps to reduce strain on user
  • Durable plastic for longer lasting use
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