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Stone Care

Stone floors are increasingly popular as a result of their durability & aesthetic qualities.

They impart a prestigious quality to the establishment. Diversey provides a highly effective range of floor cleaning, maintenance and protection products for stone care which ensure speed and efficiency, reducing your overall cost of cleaning.


Products List

TASKI Jontec Repello
Water based impregnator for porous stone floors
  • Protects stone floors from staining and makes them easier to maintain
  • Does not change the appearance of the stone
  • No need to strip
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TASKI Jontec Terranova
Spray crystalliser for the maintenance of calcerous stone floors
  • Used to crystallise marble and other calcerous stone to improve gloss
  • Provides a protective surface to the stone without the need to strip
  • Works with the natural calcium in the stone
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TASKI Jontec Plaza
Acrylic emulsion sealer/finish for stone floors
  • Water based floor sealer/finish for stone floors
  • Protects and enhances the natural appearance of the stone
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TASKI Jontec Ceramica
Low foam ceramic and stone floor cleaner
  • Low residue formula for use on glazed ceramic and stone floors
  • Removes dirt without leaving streaks
  • Manual and machine application
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