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Strippers and Undercoats

Floor strippers work by removing the polish film on the floor.

The way in which this is done depends on the type of stripper used and the type of floor you have. This is the first in a three step process of preparing, protecting and maintaining floors. Diversey has a highly effective range of floor cleaning, maintenance and protection products which ensure speed and efficiency, reducing your overall cost of cleaning.


Products List

TASKI Jontec Futur
Alkaline floor polish stripper
  • Traditional floor polish stripper for most floor types
  • Cost effective formulation
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TASKI Jontec ProStrip
High performance floor polish stripper for heavy build up
  • Ideal for removal of multi layers of floor finish and problem floors
  • Low alkaline formula makes it suitable for use on many different floor types
  • Good problem solver
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TASKI Jontec No1
Powerful fast acting emulsion polish stripper.
  • No rinse formulation saves time.
  • Powerful solvent base gives excellent removal properties
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