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Ready to use liquid disinfectant for surfaces that is effective against Clostridium difficile spores utilising AHP Hydrogen Peroxide technology.


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Oxivir Sporicide
Ready to use liquid disinfectant for surfaces.
  • Effective against clostridium difficile spores in dirty conditions in 3 minutes
  • Ideal for disinfecting surfaces, bed pans/commodes to control clostridium difficile and other infections
  • EN1276, EN1650, EN13727, EN13624, EN13697, EN14476, EN13704, EN14348, EN14347, EN16615
  • Kind to the planet - Contains active ingredients that readily break down into oxygen and water
  • Kind to surfaces - Oxivir Sporicide does not damage most common healthcare surfaces and does not bleach fabrics.
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Oxivir Sporicide Wipe
Oxivir Excel is a one-step cleaner disinfectant with broad spectrum efficacy and short contact times
  • Effective against Bacteria, Viruses and Yeast in as little as 30 seconds
  • Powerful surfactant package delivers excellent cleaning performance including descaling and lime limitation
  • Excellent user safety profile reduces worker risk and absence
  • Efficacy proven by compliance with: EN13727, EN13624, EN14476, EN16615, EN1276 and EN1650
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