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Diversey Care now has a range of Pur-Eco products as the solution of choice when combining performance, safety for the user and environmental



Products List

Room Care R2-plus Pur-Eco
Concentrated multi-surface cleaner. Formulated for the cleaning of hard, water-resistant surfaces.
  • Slightly alkaline; non-abrasive
  • Light, delicate fresh fragrance
  • Quickly and gently removes oily and water-soluble residues
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Room Care R3-plus Pur-Eco
Concentrated glass and multi-surface cleaner
  • Highly effective, pH-neutral
  • Dries quickly without streaking
  • Rapidly removes oily soils and finger-marks
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Room Care R10-plus Pur-Eco
Concentrated neutral floor cleaner
  • Room Care R10 plus Pur-Eco is a concentrated neutral low foam cleaner for the daily cleaning of water-resistant hard  floors-
  • Concentrated formulation dispensed via Room Care Divermite or DQFM to give a RTU active solution
  • EU Ecolabel certified
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