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Suma Extend D3
Ready to use liquid degreaser
  • Fast acting and very effective on greasy surfaces
  • Formulated to be non caustic and safe for use on aluminium
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Suma Break up D3.5
Concentrated liquid degreaser
  • Concentrated liquid degreaser for the cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces in the kitchen
  • Powerful formulation cuts through heavy grease and leaves surfaces clean and shiny
  • Formulated to be safe on aluminium
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Suma Break Up D3.5 JFlex
Concentrated liquid degreaser, part of the J-Flex System
  • Degreaser suitable for heavy soilage and grease
  • Suitable for catering equipment, cookers, fat fryers etc
  • Safe on aluminium and non-fragranced
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Suma Degreaser Pur-Eco D3.9
Heavy duty kitchen cleaner.
  • Heavy duty degreaser for cooking equipment.
  • EU Ecolabel certified.
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Suma Carbon Remover K21+
Soak solution to remove heavy soils and carbon build up from equipment and utensils effectively and safely
  • Eliminates hours of scrubbing
  • Non classified in solution
  • Reduces water, energy, manual labour and time
  • No heating required
  • Safe on Aluminium
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