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Bactosol Beerline Cleaner
Chlorinated detergent sanitiser for cleaning beerlines
  • Powerful chlorinated detergent for cleaning beerlines and ancillary equipment
  • No effect on beer head retention
  • Prevents scale build up
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Bactosol Cabinet Detergent
Machine detergent for glasses
  • Glass washing detergent
  • Prevents glass corrosion and clouding, giving a sparkling clean finish
  • Non-tainting
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Bactosol Cabinet Glasswash Rinse Aid
Rinse aid for glasses
  • Glasswash rinse aid for use in cabinet glasswash machines
  • Unique blend of rinsing agents ensures fast and even drying
  • Specially formulated to reduce the need for manual drying
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Bactosol Glass Renovator
Special detergent for glass treatment
  • Renovates the appearance of dull glassware
  • Hygienically clean finish
  • Adds a fresh sparkle
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Bactosol Purple Beerline Cleaner
Chlorinated alkaline detergent with colour indicating additive for cleaning beerlines
  • Colour changing to indicate lines are clean and clear
  • Will not cause tainting or beer head retention issues
  • Destroys bacteria and yeast that accumulates on plastic beer dispensing lines
  • Regular use will keep lines clean and clear and reduce possible fogging of the beer
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