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The rich creamy lather generated by Soft Care Foam soap leaves customers feeling they have used a luxury product.


Products List

Soft Care Foam Dispenser
Foam dispenser for all Soft Care Foam 700ml cartridges
  • A wall mounted dispenser for all Soft Care Foam products
  • Sleek and hygienic design
  • Easy to clean
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Soft Care Foam Soap H2
Mild hand washing foam for frequent use
  • Foaming hand wash with perfume
  • Cartridge format for improved hygiene
  • EU Ecolabel certified
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Soft Care Plus Foam Soap H42
A gentle foaming antibacterial hand soap
  • Contains lactic acid to ensure hands become hygienically clean after use
  • Mild on hands; can be used for frequent hand washing
  • Perfume and dye free (suitable for food service areas)
  • Free of triclosan, parabens and polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride (PHMB)
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