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TASKI VersaPlus offers flexible spray mopping with perfect results.


Products List

TASKI Versa Plus Tool 2.0 40cm
Flat mop system with integral dispensing system
  • Tool can be used to clean up to 410m2 per hour, using up to 90% less water/product than traditional mopping methods
  • Lightweight and ergonomic tool, allows for ease of use
  • Replaceable parts such as frame, bottle holder and vecro strips ensure long lifetime of the tool
  • Also compatible with TASKI SUM disposable microfibre
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TASKI VersaPlus Velcro Strips
Replaceable velcro strips for TASKI VersaPlus tool
  • Hard wearing plastic strips
  • Easy to remove, easy to replace
  • Ensures no need to throw whole tool away when velcro strips wear out
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TASKI Versa Disposable Mop 40cm
Disposable mops for use with TASKI VersaPlus tool
  • Can cover over 100m2 of floor, ensuring great cost in use
  • Thin mops ensure reduced friction and thus ease of use
  • Disposability reduces need and cost of washing machine and chemicals
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