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A range of cleaning tools to complement your cleaning processes.


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TASKI Zorba Leak Lizard
TASKI Zorba leak lizard is a highly absorbent disposable strip.
  • Used to control leaks and spills in a wide range of application areas
  • Each 60cm strip holds up to 2L of liquid and now has a unique, patent protected red indicator stripe which becomes visible when fully saturated
  • The TASKI Zorba leak lizard’s yellow and black chevron design also works as a functional warning device to help prevent slip/fall accidents
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TASKI Belt Pack
Simple belt with 4 large pockets for carrying cloths and chemical
  • Large pockets to carry all you need for operations, reducing need to keep returning to store to pick up new items
  • Lightweight, durable and simple to fasten
  • Can be washed to preserve life
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TASKI ProSpeed™ Finish Applicator Tool
Floor finish application tool with chemical pouch
  • Simple 3 step programme, allows for stripping, sealing and maintaining a floor
  • Lightwieght, ergonomic applicator handle ensures ease of use and reduces operator strain by up to 54% versus normal mop
  • Complete pack of applicator, chemical and floor pads, saves on storage and packaging
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