Our Commitment to Sustainability

Diversey’s purpose is to protect lives, preserve the earth and transform our industry.

 In these clear, bold terms, we have defined why we exist as a company and what we expect of ourselves and our work. Our purpose sets forth the specific manner in which we embrace the critical social, environmental and economic implications of sustainability.

Our purpose draws on our 123-year heritage of sustainability that spans five generations of the Johnson family ownership. It is a heritage we cherish and honor by the actions we take to ensure it continues. Our leadership in sustainability has been recognized and valued by our customers, our employees and our communities. It has earned the respect of leaders and experts in sustainable business practices.


Sustainability in Diversey

Sustainability is the centre-piece of our strategy and the heart of how we're delivering a cleaner. healthier future for the world.

Diversey's 6 pillars of Sustainability are ;


We preserve the earth for future generations by continually reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations. As indutry leaders in protecting the environment we have made a public commitment to challenging, measurable reductions in our environmental impact. We’re meeting those objetives through the creative, passionate commitment of our employees.

 In 2009, we achieved a significant new milestone in our legacy of environmental responsibility when we signed a covenant with Climate Savers, the well-respected and rigorous greenhouse gas reduction program of the World Wildlife Fund, to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% before 2013.


We protect lives by producing superior products that food, drink and facilities safer and more hygienic.

Our industry-leading innovations in dilution and dispensing technology and unique packaging designs enable us to eliminate substantial amounts of packaging and chemical waste, reduce shipping-related carbon dioxide emissions and protect workers. Our concentrated solutions weigh less than conventional, water-added products and are packed in specially engineered containers that work with our proprietary dosing and dispensing equipment. Closed loop dilutions protects our customers from direct contact with concentrated chemicals and ensures correct product dilutions for maximum efficacy. We design our packaging to reduce shipping and storage space, and we use recyclable materials to help eliminate waste.


We believe every place where we do business should be better because we are there.

The generous volunteering of our employees helps Diversey create a cleaner, healthier future for the communities we serve. We encourage volunteerism through our Global Children’s Initiative and through a host of regional and local efforts organized by employees.

Global Children’s Initiative

Diversey's role as a leading global provider of cleaning and sanitation solutions to schools inspired the company to invest in schools and children worldwide as the central focus of its social responsibility commitments. Through our Global Children's Initiative, established five years ago, we team the passion and creativity of our employees worldwide with the needs of the world's children. We commit ourselves, by contributing time, supplies and expertise, to creating a cleaner, healthier future for the people who will inherit that future.

Through our Global Children's Initiative, we "adopt" schools in impoverished communities near each of our business operations. The activities we undertake with each school are tailored to the needs of the community. Since the inception of the programme, JohnsonDiversey is working with 45 schools worldwide.


Our employees are our foremost strength as a company, and it is their talent, creativity and passion that bring our purpose to life for our customers, partners and communities. We invest in our employees’ safety and well being as well as their training and career development.

Since its inception in 2002, Target Zero has helped us reduce our rate of on-the-job injuries by 72.5 percent. In six years, Target Zero contributed to the prevention of 904 employee injuries. We’ve targeted a 10 percent annual reduction in the number of incidents, compared to the prior year. And for each of the past seven years we’ve exceeded that objective.


We collaborate with thought leaders around the world to promote a sustainability mindset within our industry and to advocate for a cleaner, healthier future. We’ve established vital partnerships with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and industry groups. We share our expertise and draw on the value that results when creative, passionate people unite their talents toward common goals.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical and legal behavior in everything we do. Our governance practices are our comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We audit all our business practices regularly and rigorously, and train our people in ethical business practices.