Our Commitment to Sustainability


We pledge to take the environment seriously. Our 123 year heritage is built upon sustainability.

In 2008 we signed an agreement with Climate Savers – the gas reduction programme of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). By agreeing to an independent validation process for greenhouse gas emissions, we promised to create a partnership programme with our customers and suppliers to become leaders in combating climate change.

Every single employee is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. Diversey are an innovative industry leader that continuously develops new technology and processes to deliver this obligation for future generations.


We help our customer’s environmental responsibility by developing cutting edge, innovative dilution and dispensing products. Our closed loop dilution products dispense efficiently and safely protecting users from direct chemical contact. Our concentrate solutions weigh less, are cheaper to transport and incorporate recyclable materials. They are dispensed efficiently when used with our proprietary dosing and dispensing equipment.

Our packaging design eliminates significant volumes of packaging and chemical waste.

We protect our customers and their environment by producing superior products that make food and drink preparation facilities hygienic and safe.


Sustainability is at the heart of the community and we aim to give something back to help build sustainable communities. Diversey’s role as a World Class provider to schools inspired us to focus on our corporate social responsibility commitments. Five years ago we launched our Global Children’s initiative - we now work with 35 schools worldwide in underdeveloped communities, to create a cleaner, healthier future.

In addition we have also developed the Habitat for Humanity home building project and our Center for International Food Safety Education programme.


Our employees are the lifeblood of our business – we invest in their well being, training, career development and safety. In 2002 we launched an initiative called Target Zero, this has directly contributed to the prevention of 904 injuries, reduced injuries by 77.3% overall and in 2008 alone reduced them by 10.4%.


As industry leaders in sustainable facility care and business practices (processes?), we carry the responsibility of advising government agencies, industry groups and influential parties.

Our partnerships with these bodies allows two way information and dialogue to flow – both helping to deliver our common commitment to sustainability .


There’s only one way to do business – that’s the right way. We pride ourselves with the highest social and ethical standards, which we instill in our workforce. Every employee in every country has their Diversey Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, together with our company’s longstanding statement of core values – This We Believe.

These are the foundations to all our policies and procedures.

Product Innovation

Prospeed – Prospeed our revolutionary floor finishing system reduces cleaning time, uses less water, less solution, reduces waste and delivers a superior finish. In the initial three month launch period Prospeed saved our customers more than 71,400 gallons of water and 8,200 gallons of floor finish.

Optifill – As a result of listening to our customers we developed the Optifill dispenser. Using volumetric technology it dispenses the exact dose required for the right volume of water, consistently and automatically. It’s maintenance free, light, safe and easy to use. The packaging is fully recyclable (itself made from 25% recyclable material) and pumps out an incredible 99.9% of the product.

Revoflow – Revoflow’s innovative wall mounted system simply and safely dispenses both liquids and powders. Designed for our food and restaurant customers using our Suma products and our laundry customers using our Clax products, this off the ground product reduces accidents and keeps the workplace tidy. Our unique locking product caps are designed to dispense precise automated doses in a safe tamper free manner. Like our other products it’s light, easy to handle and comes with recyclable packaging.

Safekey – Our Safekey food safety and risk management programme helps our customers achieve maximum hygiene safety through every step of the food handling process.

Food hygiene is paramount to the brand integrity of our customers – by helping them we in turn help to protect their customers. Our qualified food hygiene experts provide extensive risk assessment reports to help us reduce our customers risk.
Our qualified food hygiene experts provide extensive risk assessment reports to help us reduce our customers risk.